Law and Order

One reads in the news papers everyday that the number of robberies has gone up and is going up everyday. But the police and our charming Home secretory reassure us , that it is only media hype and that in actual fact crime is going down.I have no way of verifying their statements, until it happens to your family.

My son is a University lecturer in Cambridge and lives in a nice area of the city.The road has rows of terraced houses on both sides.The night before while they slept, thieves broke in through the bay window, and took everything of value from their house, including their car.

Cambridge is known for robberies and thefts. A year ago they had their bicycles stolen, though they were locked and chained. Bicycles are routinely stolen and the police shrug their shoulders and inform them that it is the job of a very well organised gang! As if they are in awe of them. So these thefts happen time after time, so what do they police do about it? Obviously nothing.

Though the same street is very vigilantly patrolled by traffic wardens. Last time we were visiting them,as we parked the car and went in to get the parking permit, within a matter of ten minutes there was a penalty notice on the screen. And of course you don’t argue with the so called officer of the law, or the sneaky warden, who disappears after posting the penalty.

But there is NO presence of policemen to notice that bicycles are being sawed of from their chains, or that thieves are clambering through the window, which faces the main road and clearing off with everything from  their house.

I happen to speak to a friend of mine this morning. Her daughter lives in Wimbledon.She said that the same thing happened to them. They also took everything from the house, plus the car. Someone living in Kent tells me that the thief was in her bedroom as she slept. And se thought it was one of her children, and she told them to go back to bed without opening her eyes! The next morning she woke up to find most of her possessions gone.

So what does the police do? Call me naive but I thought their main job was to keep us safe from thieves and robbers. or am wrong here.

It makes me wonder is it the lack of effective policing that the robbers have become this bold that they can enter a house through a window which faces a main road? Are the bolder and more organised and better equipped than the police?
It seems they are, far more efficient in their operations, than our police. Shame on you Cambridge police, you know that there are criminals around and you have no effective measures to combat them.
I wonder if our esteemed Ms Smith ever worries about the problems us ordinary people feel?
Perhaps not.

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