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Something Different?

 There is a wealth of knowledge and experience here.
Some of you are experts on religion,some on politics and terrorism, books,money and anything you can think of. I think am so lucky to benefit with all this knowledge and sharing.

But does anyone else thinks that we seem to have a large proportion of discussion on religion, race and being angry with each other? Well who am I to stop you if that is what you enjoy doing. Am just wondering if we should try something different for a change?

How about a monthly blog on say gardening? We have some very knowledgeable people here, and they come from all around the world.So we have a huge source of information to tap into.

So if I do a blog every month , just talking about the things I have been doing in my garden, and those who want to can write about their plants. And can share their tips, talk about where to get the best value seeds/bulbs ,plants etc;.
You can post pictures of favourite plants, show off your prized ones and tell others how to grow them, or get a plant identified , if you have no idea what it is!

I will start with my bit.
I have just received some glorious Lilly bulbs. Courtesy the daily Telegraph! They have some great free plants offers. I have collected coupons and have had free tree peonies, Clematis, roses,magnolia and  loads more. It is worth having good quality plants for for the price of ust the postage.
I always keep some in the pots, so if there is a gap, I have something at hand to fill it!

I have also used a hoe to gently turn the soil in the borders, so as not to disturb the roots of other plants. The roses, wisteria and the late flowering clematis have all been pruned and have cleaned the debris of winter from the trees and the shrubs, it is heartening to see the green shoots emerging.

Hopefully those who want to learn about gardening will, may be inspired?

Anyway please tell me if you think this is a good idea,and if you think it is then please post your photos, tips, advise and questions. Am sure there are plenty of clever and knowledgeable people who will give us the answers.

The high flyers among you might find this trivial! I would argue that what is wrong to have a  breathing space from the heated debates, and indulge in something gentle, and calming and  in creativity?

So it is over to you.

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