It is true that money cant buy you happiness!

 The case of the heiress who paid a gigolo £7.5 million in notes, stashed in a cardboard box is a  case in point.
All the women who were the victim of this man were worth billions of pounds.They had the most expensive cars, houses and every luxury available to man, or in this case woman. But they were victim of a conman, Not in a business s deal, but purely for male company.

So how can successful business women, who obviously are shrewd and clever enough to have made that kind of money can be seduced this ealiy. The man in question is not a hunk, he looks a weedy creature with glasses and a satisfied grin on his face.The sort of unremarkable person you walk pass without noticing.
The court was told that he knew “all the right buttons to press” when it came to getting women under his spell.

He has been doing this for many years, only targeting women who were extremly rich. This does raise one or two questions though.

Women who are worth a fortune,one would think will be weary of those who would pursue them for it. And what about female instinct and intuition?
Do all men posses this killer instinct or is it only given to con-men?

I was trying to think that if I had a fortune,(unlikely), and if I met a gigolo or a man of such talent, ( even more unlikely) what will be the one thing  which will make me throw caution to wind? I could not thnk of anything!

Surely it can not be just sex which made these women hand over a fortune to him? So what was it?

So ladies, what is the one quality that you find irresistible in a man ? And Gentlemen apart from the obvious what is the “it” quality in a woman which you will find just too hard to resist?

 Oh and by the way do you see any such qualities in anyone her, or did you you ever come across anyone?
 And, what is the name for a female of the same persuation? Gigolo some how doesnt seem to fit the bill!
 Do tell!

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