Selling Emotions

There is nothing sacred these days!

last night I watched a bit of the pantomime, which was the hyped wedding of the t.v. personality Jade. Am sorry for her, no one will wish something like this on anyone, especially at the age of twenty seven. But the cameras and the publicity, and then the various magazines with exclusives and the t.v. channels making such a huge deal, was quite bewildering.
But then these days everywhere you look, there is an industry, which makes sure that things are polished, preened and are ready to make money!

Britain is hosting its first “divorce fair” in Brighton next month. The trend started in Austria.When they hosted such a fair in 2007. There will be thirty exhibitors, which will include child experts,lawyers and financial advisers.
I hear that in the Austrian fair they had a stall for the appropriate cards too, cards with slogans like “it is over” and let us move on! Am sorry, but does sound like making money out of people`s misery? Oh and there is a company who specialises in blocking un- wanted texts from your spouse.

Do you think am alone in thinking that these days every human emotion is for sale? People have cancer and they sell their story/pictures to the highest bidder,and we have companies trying to sell us various ways,to terminate our relationships.

I found the pictures of Jade in various stages of chemotherapy quite disagreeable. Not because I have not seen human sufferings before.I have been privileged to witness great human dignity, while facing illness and death and have been humbled by it.
I feel that a divorce is a very sad situation too, no one goes into a relationship anticipating it. When it happens it shatters lives.It takes a long time for people to get over it. To sell it like a motor car or a property is degrading. I thought that divorce lawyers were not short of business, what with nearly half the marriages ending in divorce,why do they have to sell it like a commodity.
I felt quite sad by it all. may be because my own daughter is about to be m
arried in eight weeks time. The hope,joy and ambitions we all have are brightening my life at the moment. I look at the young couple, full of hope and dreams for a future together.And I know that God forbid if anything should go wrong,it will not just be the couple whose hearts will be broken.

The divorce fair probably is waiting for such occurrence,hence they are expecting that the attendance will be good. Perhaps it makes commercial sense. But am unable to see.

Perhaps you all understand it better than I do.

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