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So you have got your green/brown eyes from your mother and the golden hair from your father? But where did you get your outgoing personality or your flair for singing/writing?

Did you learn it from your parents or was it predetermined in your genes?

This is a question which has been debated time and again,but stll there are no clear cut answers.While it is clear that physical characteristics are hereditary,the genetic argument gets a bit weak when it comes to personality, intelligence and behaviour.

It would be nice to know how your children will turn out. Is it true that we chose our profession and the way we live from our origins or do we learn and adopt and turn out to be someone very different to our ancestors?

Am very different to what my parents or my ancestors were like. My parents were both very high achievers, and were very aristocratic. My maternal and paternal grand parents being very influential and people of “high society2.And so is my sister. They aimed high and achieved greater things. People have to be of a certain status,before they could be admitted to our inner circle.
Where as I had very simple aims, I loved people. I was always punished and reprimanded for being in the servants quarters and befriending them. My mother lamented that she could not understand, why have have I got such “low aspirations”from!
And when at sixteen I wanted to join nursing, they were besides themselves with anger and humiliation. I was warned that if I pursued my ambition, they will disown me. I did what |I set out to do, and they were true to their word. It was nearly after ten years that my parents spoke to me.And that was after I had married and our first child was born. The rest of the years which followed were a sort of uneasy truce. I loved them dearly,but I could not understand their attitude towards people. Only certain people were worthy of respect To me ALL humans are same and deserve the same treatment.
So where did this come from? And NO one has ever done something as lowly as nursing in generations of my family, so it was surely not the “nurture” so where did I get it from?
Oh and among my children, our son hated anything to do with medical things! He is mathematician and a logician. Our daughter though was inclined towards all things medical and become a doctor of it!
So how about you? Have you followed the trend and profession you grew up in r have you made your own destiny? How about your children? Have they done what you thought they will or have they chosen their own path?

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