A certain blogger has just emaled me to say that he has been looking for my blogs,and “have you gone all shy,as to not write any blogs”!
No my dear friend, I have not gone shy. But I have found that there have been marathon blogs here lately! With hundreds of comments. There seemed to be heated debates/ arguments and disputes, so may be light blogs like mine will not get a look in.

But then again I write because I enjoy interacting and shatring views with you all, so here it goes!

Anyway looking around the site, I was thinking how interesting and revealing your avatars are. Did you all mean to create an image which represented your personality or was it just a snap decision?
Am sure EVERY picture and name creates a first impression,do you agree?

Do you all feel that you somehow know that person

Surely some thought must have gone into it. I can already see many avatars which reflect the views you hold and the impression you want to create.
The same must be true of the name you choose. Now that most of us are known for what we stand for, it is interesting to think of some names and avatars which reflect their owners personalities/intentions so well.
I dont know whether this is intentional or it was the sub concious which has led us to portray ourselves as such?

They say that your writing gives you away. Am really sure that it is very hard to lie and pretend, if you are writing regularly somewhere. After being here for a while, we think we know what the other person stands for, or is like.

Here are my impressions for the few, please add yours.

Squarepeg- Honest, outspoken and analytic. Not here to be popular, but to tell it as it is.

The Bulletin. He obviously is not a novie to writing.thoughful. at times acerbic and not afraid to be controversal.

Shermeen, started with the Arabic word “Salam”. meaning peace. Her intention was perhaps to tell us about the peaceful Ahmadya community. She has changed it since, but her avatars reflect rainbow, or a scene of nature. Being peacful and mild mannered.

Christina O. Frank,honest wise and a garden lover.

These are just for starters! Tell me yours, and do you think am right in thinking that your writing gives you away?

Am sure you will have your own theory and evidence!

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