Cyber World

The last few days have been quite reflective. My laptop for some reason was not

charging its battery and kept fading away. So it was away for a check up,and I was reduced to just looking at the blog site and not be able to comment or post anything.

It was a strange experience. Something akin to having a bad throat and not being able to speak,though listening to the conversation. This  brought home to me that how much this blog site has become a part of my daily life.
I noticed a comment by, I think it was Squarepeg who said something to the effect that we are a kind of a cyber community and we do care for the people here.

Someone will no doubt say in a minute that this is a ******g blogsite, and there are no friends or friendships or real people here! And will accuse me of being an airhead and someone who indulges in fantasy!

Can someone tell me if this is all an illusion then how come we have got to know each other quite well and are able to share our lives ?

When you think about it, this is a fantastic experiment, and wonders if its creators had some kind of an ulterior motive in conducting it! We all are, and at sometime in our lives have been the readers of this newspaper. As this newspaper has a certain philosophy, we all must have or do agree with it.

So here we all are, sharing our thoughts, our political opinions and our lives with each other. So where are those who used to say that nothing is “real” here, that people are not what they seem.Get real,some of you said, so what is happening now?
I want to reinforce the words of Squarepeg and I think it was Amicus who said that we care for each other here.

We all felt for Stefa when she was in the hospital,we all care now for the Bulletin and want to know of his progress in beating his illness. We have felt for those who have suffered a loss.

So here we all are, involved and interested in each other, as it should be. I also read a comment by someone who said that he has just paid money to have the internet access in their hotel room,so they could enjoy this site. I thought it was rather nice that we were exchanging views with people all across the world.

So here you have it, a place for like minded people,with variations! So next time we are being really harsh on the Kate and Shane of this site,let us also remember that they have provided us with a network which has become a part of our lives.
And it also allows people from around the world to join in and talk to us.

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