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Being Grumpy

I listened to a programme yesterday on the radio. It was presented by Peter White, who is blind,but does a sterling job as a journalist on the radio.

He was talking about the fact that we, as a nation are getting grumpier! We complain a lot about anything and everything. Mobile phones, computers, railway station announcements and everything else.Things constantly irritate us and we complain and moan.

Is he right?

From Peter`s point of view,certain things which irritate some of us, are invaluable for others. For example he says that the frequent announcements on trains are necessary for people like him who have impaired vision. So is the repetition of “mind the gap” att he stations. Which I admit irritates me too.
He says that we hate politicians, governments, the police and almost every one in authority!

According to him mobile phones are a God sent too, they help him ocate people across a building sometime,as he cn not see them. But some people can not stand the sight of these gadgets.
It seems we are a nation of grumpy and unhappy people!

And this leads me neatly to the article in the Times that one of the Britain`s leading public school, the Wellington school in Berkshire, is to start classes in …wait for it, happiness!

Can you teach happiness? It seems Harvard is already teaching it,it seems the very clever students of the Ivy league,need to learn the secret of happiness.

So why have we become un happy and dissatisfied? We are one of the richest nation in the world,so what makes us grumpy?
Have we lost our sense of humour or we just do not feel satisfied? I know that poor people, in countries like India,smile readily,and are considered happy with their lot,which is not much. They are happy with little things, like there is one religious festival or other and they buy new clothes, meet up with family and friends and make is like having Christmas about six times a year.

So what makes you happy? I mean in day to day life? I find when my seedlings appear, or when I see the first shoots in the garden am happy. When my children are visiting me,or when my close friends come over. I also love the thrill of travel. Arriving at a new place, I get a thrill,thinking about the discoveries I will make. the people I will meet and the unkown landscape unfolding is a great joy.

So tell me what makes you Happy?


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