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I said a while ago that I will do a regular gardening blog, as this site has very knowledgeable people and , commentators from all across the world to give us the benefit of their knowledge.

Am a reasonably experienced gardener, have had gardens of various sizes since 1976,when we bought our first house. A semi detached one with a long and narrow space in the back. The house had belonged to a window cleaner and his family. They must have had a life when they made not much use of the house or its surroundings. As he was always paid in cash,(he had a office cleaning business as well as his rounds), they had loads a money and loved spending it. Neighbours talked of their daily take aways, and their nightly visits to the pub. The kitchen was virtually unused, and the garden was just an over grown space. Which baffled me! I could just look at the house next doors colourful and fabulous garden. It made the contrast even more acute.

And then one day, the nice lady from next door came round with a little plant in a pot, and said that if I was starting a garden this might help! I was a bit confused, how do you start a garden and how do you make this plant grow. She fetched a little spade, made a hole at the edge of the front garden and planted this little plant, which was a knd of Michlemas daisy. And to my amazement it grow very quickly, and I was hooked. Am glad to say that when we sold that house two years later, the buyers told me that they were attracted to the garden.

The next house was a detached house, but the front was just grass,patchy and balding in places and the back was a muddy field. The family who owned it had no interest, and were too busy doing other things. it was again a labour of love and trial and error, I was the one who dug, and hoed and planted single handed, no one in my family was interested, but it became a passion and a place where I could escape and contemplate when life was difficult. Every evening after work and finishing the family chores I would just be in the garden and thus learned what the word “pottering” meant. I left that house with a well designed and colourful garden.

The present and the third house is a much larger place. A five bed roomed corner house,with a large,back, front and an additional side garden. The owners were friends or rather colleagues, they both worked in the NHS and had three children under five, one which were twins. They had no time or intention to even look at the garden. They moved out  as they were taking up new jobs in Ireland,about two months before the completion but gave me keys to the house and permission to invade the garden. I dug, and weeded and planned and planted. The result is, even if I say so rather pleasing. I would like Christina `s opinion here,as she has seen it!

So here I am an addicted gardener, having gleaned my knowledge from books, radio and television programmes, Jeffery Smith, Alan Tichmarh and Monty D have all given me the benefit of their knowledge,and so have the Gardeners question time team on the radio. Folks I will not here today without you!

So now,back to the exchange of knowledge and tips.

Please post your questions, your experiences, tales of your addiction and you came to gardening, and please anyone has a query about a plant/ condition of soil or any relevant issue, am sure there are experts among us .

So over to you.

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