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To read about the most important day of my life? Then please read on.

   Being the mother of the bride,I was told was a very important role! I didnt sleep a wink Thursday night, and was mortified to see intensified dark circles,around my eyes. But it was Friday morning and we were due to set off for the wedding. I was taking not only my clothes but there was a list of otheritems to be packed.
It was almost eleven in the morning when we set off. The ban holiday traffic has not yet built up and we whizzed through to Bristol. Having just left Bristol,I was taking a mental stock up of the items I would have and should have packed. Everything got a mental tick and then I suddenly hit an obstacle. I had no recollection of packing my new,expensive clutch bag,I had sepcially bought for the occassion. Panic all round,and then the desicion was taken to turn back,I tried to ring friends who were travelling from my town to the wedding.But no luck,most of have them left or were not answering their phones.
So another dash back home,grab the clutch and off we went again.

And as it is the norm of a bank holiday,M6 was closed due to an accident,and the satellite navigation took us through the scenic route. For about four hours it was;” drive one mile and enter the round about”. How many roundabouts does North Wales has?

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Here is the venue.

Later our son and his family arrived and from then it was good fun. We all gathered in the bride`s apartment, bottles of wine were opened,the bridesmaids arrived and we sat talking and laughing late into the night,no doubt deepning my dark circles further!
Te morning of the wedding arrived bright and sunny. The bride was awake from the crack of dawn and so was I. The morning passed with having our hair done,the hair dresser has arrived in time and we all sat in line for her attention!
It took me almost as long as the bride,to hide my dark circles, and wear my saree. I have almost lost the practice,but everyone was pleased with the results.The bride of course looked amazing,in her lovely dress, carrying a boquet of mauve Orchids.
And the men were very smart in morning suits. I travelled with the bridesmaids.And we were entered the Church,to the echoes of Mandelson on the string quartet.It is a beautiful and ancient church, the grooms parents were married there and so was his sister.Am always in awe of such places,and looked up at the stained glass window and the sun filtering through it,and imagined that my parents were lookin in,it was a comforting thought.

The couple took their vows facing us and it was a beautiful ceremony.To me, God is omnipresent,He has many names, and is approached differently.It has never worried me, in the eyes of the Maker we are one and the same, it is just that the mode of worship differs.

We travelled back to the Manor house for the reception,the place was decorated in the theme colours,of purple and cream. Paeonies, lilleys and roses were the order of the day. The grounds were sun drenched and we all spilled out in the beautiful grounds,while the staff follwed us around filling our glasses.
Sitting at the top table,I surveyed the tables in the great dining room.There were prominent surgeons and other professionals,who have known the couple since they were at the medical school and when they became junior doctors.
Our son gave a wonderful speech. And when he said that having seen her sister grow up and be such an high achiever,he was so proud of her, both mother and bride could not control their tears.
And since then there have been a few tears from me, while the happy couple have flown to Fiji for their honeymoon.
I feel so proud, arriving here as an immigrant,here I was with my daughter married to this rather handsome and very  clever man, my son in the profession he loves and married to this beautiful academic, can life get any better?
What ever my life may be, I have blessed with wonderful children and their spouses who are such lovely people.

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