Are we responsible?


  Why do we sit people on a pedestal and then try our hardest to knock them down? I have seen it happen time and time again that someone becomes famous for something and we all are singing their praises for a few weeks. And then the media puts all its energies into finding their negative points. Why cant we just accept them for whatever it is that they are doing well,why do they have to be a perfect being? None of us are or can ever hope to be.

I have not watched the programme Britain has got talent very much. The first time I became aware of it was when someone posted a clip of Susan Boyle on you tube here on MT. I was duly impressed by her raw talent. And then forgot about it.
I listen to the radio regularly and was quite surprised to hear snippets that how certain newspapers were pursuing her and trying to goad her. If someone has never been exposed to the media before then this can be really daunting.

They have dug up her past, it seems that she has never been kissed before, and then I heard something this morning on radio 4 which stopped me in my tracks. In a review of papers one of the commentator said that Susan Boyle has learning difficulties. But this fact was not publicised a great deal, but was dug up by and was known to the tabloid press.
It is harrowing enough for anyone to be pursued and harassed by the press, by reporters and camera men camping outside their door all the time. But someone who has no experience of it and has learning difficulties as well,this sound below par,and totally out of order. How can anyone justify such behaviour?

How and why do we condone such a behaviour,we obviously do, as such stories sell newspapers and hence more are pursued. I remember when the little McCann girl was abducted, the press were relentlessly following the parents. There were pictures of them jogging, sobbing and just getting through their day.And then it was not long before the  press were accusing them and speculating about them being responsible for killing their daughter.
It happens time and again, as soon as someone is in the limelight, it is mandatory for the tabloid press to go looking for their private and past life and dig some form of dirt.
Call me naive if you want, but I believe that why can we not just  enjoy whatever talent/skill the person has, which has propelled them to the top,why do we have to look into their past or hidden mistakes.

In the case of Susan Boyle, am appalled that the media has harassed her so much that she was forced to retaliate in anger, and they knew that she has learning difficulties.

Am ashamed that this was done in our name, as it is us the general public who allegedly are interested in the minutiae of others lives. At whatever cost it is obtained.
Do you agree?

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