So the pictures of the MP Caroline Flint are everywhere. And no not just ordinary photos but what the papers are calling “glamour shots”!

I can not imagine why only these photos are being printed, is it because it makes good copy, and a good looking woman sells papers or is to say that look at her, she is all glam ed up,how can you take such a woman seriously? She has not helped her case by referring to herself and other MPs as “window dressing”!
When Jackie Smith took office, the first week the newspapers just talked about her cleavage!

So does to be taken seriously a woman has to wear a sack cloth? Does making most of your looks somehow makes you less serious or capable? Am not sure.

One one hand it is said that women have surpassed men in achievement, it is said that there are more women at university and in vocational jobs and courses, and they are very high achievers.

It is a funny thing don’t you think,that we as women want to look good, we worry about our clothes/shoes and hair as much as we do about the work deadlines. Does this make us any less committed? I think not. I know that Mrs Thatcher used her femininity to great advantage. She was never averse to kicking off her shoes and dazzling the male members of the cabinet with her well turned ankles.

So women are equally, but not so equal that if they look glamorous then their pictures are used to give a subliminal message that look at her, she is not serious, she dresses up and poses for glamour shots!

Some religions and civilisation ban women from showing their hair or their body by covering it up,is that the way to go? Do you think women who cover up, or those women who pay no heed to grooming make better and more serious workers?

I personally feel that women use make up and look good because it makes them feel better. Is there any other reason for it? Well if men find it attractive then it is their problem!

But it seems even in the 21st century, if a woman in a government job looks glamorous, then she cant be serious can she?
Or is there another explanation?

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