Blame the BNP?

  So the BNP has won a couple of seats, and the radio phone ins are in melt down. I have listened to at least two phone ins on the BBC,and it was interesting to hear the reactions. Some seemed surprised at the win and some were angry.

 Most of the callers, were slightly embarrassed, some were giving reasons and there were those who have voted BNP and were eager to tell us why.
The phone in on the Asian network was full of anger, but I did not hear even one person accept any responsibility or even hint, that what could have led some people to vote for that party.

I will accept that there are people who are racist, they do not like people who are different from them and will naturally support that party,but I will maintain that majority of indigenous people are tolerant,believe in fairness and do not believe in racist policies.

So what has happened? What has led one million people to vote for a party, which is known to be racist?

I feel that other communities, namely the immigrants have to accept their share of responsibility for this change. In the last few years the divisions between the communities,has got wider. Certain areas in the inner cities were no go areas for the White British people.The BBC`s   Panorama did a programme  about it about two years ago, Bishop Nazir Ali wrote and warned, but was anything done about it? No. There was a deafening silence from the local authorities and the government. And the areas remained no go areas for the White people.

Not to mention the stupid rules made by bureaucrats to call Christmas winter festival,remove the word baba black sheep from the nursery rhymes and making learning about some religions compulsory in schools. When the Christian parents complained, they were branded racists, there are many such examples.

Then there was the incidence of hurling abuse at returning soldiers in Luton. I accept that it was a minority of Muslims who were involved,but the majority of peace loving Muslims did not shout loud enough to condemn them. This has been the scenario all along. I accept that there are majority of Asians who want to live peacefully, but the problem is that they do not come out and condemn those who behave badly.

I remember I used to write a column on an Asian website, and when I tried to condemn and write about such things, I had threatening emails, death threats and such hostility that the editor has to set up a separate address for the emails.
I have tried saying this on Asian radio phone ins, but the men there are threatening and rude even on air.
So the so caled respectable and decent people have lived in denial,and may have thought that these things were not their concerns.Well this is the result, that it is silence and indifference which has made the British people feel isolated and as if they are the minority.

I suggest that this election is a wake up call for all the immigrants, for all of us who are not indigenous White, that we will have to make an effort to  find out what it is that the indigenous people find objectionable,after al it is us who have decided to make this country our home, and it is up to us to make it work.
Otherwise this will not be the only victory this will have.
And that is frightening.

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