Fiction and facts

 I have just been catching up with the last weeks newspapers. I have been otherwise engaged and have not had the time to read them. There are a couple of stories about bloggers which caught my eye. One about the policeman who was ordered by the courts to reveal his identity and the one about the lady who wrote a fictional account of her pregnancy and the seriously ill baby she was expecting.

This somehow says a lot about the world of blogging. She obviously had a lot of other psychological problems and has been making up things and in blogging she found a perfect outlet. The readers were so taken in by her writings that they were sending her gifts and cards on the address she has provided on her blogs.

I dont know about you , but being on this site is the first time I have ever ventured into the world of blogging.I used to write a column on a web site, but it was about current affairs and I wrote with my own name. Call me naive but I thought that a blogging site was just that. Where people wrote about issues which concerned them.It took me sometime to realise that all was not what it seems.Though I have not personally had a bad experience, and all the bloggers who have got in touch with me or vice versa, have been genuine and sincere.
But the story of the woman with the fictional baby made me wonder if there are people who are in need of help.

So how easy is it to become someone else and how long can you keep the charade going? Do people who have multiple identities are out to cheat or is it because people want a different persona to express a certain point of view?

Am just beginning to wonder if being deceitful and writing pure fiction is all right in biog sphere or is there always a sinister motive?

After all when you write stories you make things up, and people respond accordingly,so why not when writing blogs? Why this anger if someone has multiple identities or pretends to be someone they are not?

 So what do you think of those people who have a completely fictional identity and just give a free rein to their imagination? Are they bad or just sad? And should they be ridiculed?
Perhaps that lady needed sympathy so she made up that story a of carrying a baby who was going to be born blind and handicapped. What about you? If you could have a fictional identity what will you be?

I would like to be a voluptuous, attractive twenty five year old,who has  a great talent for writing !

I wish! I wonder what hidden ambitions you have?

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