Terror in Mumbai

   I watched this documentary last night on C4

 It was a lovely summers day yesterday too. I have managed to get a lot of work done and
  my garden was looking good,and all was well with the world.
It was untill late in the evening I sat done to watch this documentary which has been compiled with the help of the  CCTV footage, and the phone conversations recorded by the secret service, as the dialogue continued between the killers and their masters in Pakistan.
 I have never heard anything so callous, cruel and inhuman in my life. And I wish I will never again. As the exchange was in Urdu, I could understand the sheer evil in those words. Translated sub titles somehow do not carry the same impact. They chillingly greeted each other in a very civilised manner, wishing peace and blessings to each other.And then the chilling instructions will start.
He will say that, how pleased he was that they have killed so many at the railway station,and say that they sure are going to Heaven, but they will get there quicker if they kill a few more. The young men entered the opulent Taj Mahal Hotel. Yu could see that they were just dazzled by the surroundings, and about five minutes have passed before they had killed anyone.He shouted at them, and told them that they can not waste time by not killing, and then the insistence of starting a fire.He wanted a fire, so the media could broadcast it, soak the mattresses in alcohol and light them,he said.”So the world can see the flame.

And then his advise that if they killed one Jew, it was equal to killing fifty enemies. The men looked like zombies, just following the instructions to kill and kill. One woman talked of her sister who was at the station with her baby, trying to lie still and avoid the bullets. The baby cried and she picked her up, and they shot both of them.

The one surviving terrorist was lying in the hospital and when asked why he has done it, replied emphatically that he was on his way to paradise.I just could not believe that how can a religion can be turned this way into a doctrine of death and destruction. if there is any justice,then I hope those killers and their masters will burn in hell if there is one.

There were children, a lot of them Muslim, saying how much they missed mother/father and in some cases both the parents have been gunned down.A mindless carnage, brought to reality, as we could hear the voices of the killers, may be it is less traumatic when you just hear the numbers and not see and hear so much about them in such graphic detail.

I cried when one boy, a rather plain looking ordinary child looked straight into the camera and asked,” why this people killing so many people? I miss my mother.” Why indeed.

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