The power you have….

   The power of Internet is immense am told!

 The company which was about to launch a mobile phone directory, has to postpone it, as people wrote and campaigned  against it.A while ago Virgin Atlantic has to openly apologised and rectified their menu,after a passenger put the picture of the food he has had on his flight, and published an open letter to Richard Branson.

 So it is established that the Internet has a lot of power and reaches the parts,other communications can not reach. If you write a letter to the editor of a news paper, you have about fifty percent chance of it being published, but you can write anything,about anyone on an Internet site, people from all over the world might read and digest it.
Are we aware of the power we have?
Now that you realise that you hold such might in your keyboard how would you like to use it?

Seriously though if we can change something through this medium what will that be?

You could start a campaign practically for anything it seems and those in powers will take note of it!
|So what will that be?
I want to have those little sticky labels, on fruit like the apples,banned. They stick everywhere, and if dropped on hard floor, they will just not to come off.

I would like the curry manufacturers to put less of that colour in their food. A real curry does not have that awful red colour, or should not have it, so please stop putting colours in it.

I would like the hair dressers,not to charge excessive amounts for dressing women`s hair! You know we want to look good and will pay it, so stop exploiting us!

I would like the train companies to have cheap tickets available, everyday on every station, and not make it a privilege for those who can book months in advance and can do it on the Internet.

And last but not least, I would like people on this site to treat others with common courtesy, as any civilised person would do, to the people they barely know. why start calling names, if you disagree with someone?
Maybe that is a tall order!
How about you? What will you change?

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