Poetry to prose

For Pseu, and Bilby, whose kind words have encouraged me to have a go. Thank you Pseu, you have been encouraging me for some time, it is very generous of you.


This is a translation from Urdu. The poet is longing for his sweetheart, and this poem illustrates it beautifully. Though a lot is lost in translation,but I have chosen words carefully and tried to get the essence of it.

This was written in the last half hour, when Bilby revealed that today was the last day !

Do tell me frankly, so I will not try to impose such writing on you again


  I remember you.

 Am in a desert, but your memory is like a moving mirage. It changes from those wet red lips to the melody of your voice.In this deserted land, among the hot and barren sand,I can imagine and smell your fragrance.

I can feel the warmth of your breath,smouldering and slow.And I can see in the horizon,the light which was once in your eyes.
Your memory has ever so gently,placed something like a hand on my being, though we are apart,but I feel as if the distance is removed and we are

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