Human Nature

 How do we get to like or dislike people?

 Is it something someone does or says,or do we sometime take a dislike to others without any reason?
Those of us who have worked in the public sector, know that sometimes you come across someone,and decide that you are not sure of that person, or sometime even take an instant dislike to. I have done that, and later on felt really guilty,when the person did nothing to justify my instant judgement.

Often people take a bit of time to reveal their true nature. Not everyone wears their heart on their sleeve.Especially the British people are known to be reserved and keep their feelings to themselves. The stiff upper lip as it is known.
I have lived a charmed life! I have very rarely come across anyone I have strongly disliked. Or have had a long drawn disagreement with. I have had differences of opinions, and have agreed to disagree. May be I have been very lucky, may be I have lived a sheltered life. Though I have met one person, my line manager who for some reason disliked me. She subjected me to intense bullying, so much so that I left my job and have to cut my career short. She was known to have such tendencies, but then that is another story, and may be another blog!

On the whole, am naive or stupid enough to trust in peoples good nature, give them the benefit of the doubt before judging them.This has worked in my case. This attitude has been good for me, as someone said that when you are good to others ,you are goo to yourself.

I wonder what has your experience of life has been? Have you found that you being on your guard and not trusting anyone is the better policy, or do you think each and every one of us has a good side to us, and we need to give time and have patience to get to know people. But in today’s busy society, we can not afford to take that attitude and instant judgements have to be made?

|And how about on this site? Am overwhelmed by the kindness and good will of all of you. I have met a lot of you,and have been struck by your friendliness,kindness and friendship. Some of you have invited me to your homes and have been most hospitable and generous.

So is it an accident, a miracle or just a co incidence? What has been your experience? Do you think we all can be trusted to have some good in us or are we should always be on our guard?
It will be interesting to discuss.

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