Our Times

  Is MT getting too serious? I have looked in last night and again this morning, and there are some very talented new comers. Who write with great style and knowledge and every one is discussing serious issues on politics and other important stuff. This would have pleased some bloggers who complained that there was too much trivia on this site.

The blogger known as Atrium,( wonder where he is now?), was of the opinion that this is the site of a “serious news paper” and only matters of importance should be discussed. So Atrium you have got your wish!

I have always enjoyed this site, it has been in my own interest.but am beginning to wonder if any one will read my blogs now? They are of course not as well informed or written as some of the blogs here these days.And am beginning to wonder if there is a place  here for the “ordinary” blogs like mine any more?
Agreed that some blogs were just two liners,and many of them, but surely there is room here for all of us?

After all am neither “erudite” nor clever with words and only deal with mundane every day subjects.

Anyway I thought I will try and write a blog, and if no ne reads it ,then it will be time to think seriously about what I will do!

I was in London for the last few days. And yes as some have said here,I could not hear much English around me. There were people from all across the globe. Of course this is the tourist season, and may be the recession ridden shops are grateful for their custom.
I was in London to visit the exhibition held in the British Museum called “Indian Summer”.They have turned the front garden of the museum into an oasis of all Indian plants, trees and flowers. There are plants which are edible, from chillies to banana and beetle nuts and trees like the banyan and palms.
Inside they had an exhibition of very old paintings, which came from the collection of the Maharaja of Jaipur. They  come from the 19t century and have never been exhibited before.The colours used are natural dyes and liquid gold. And after so many years they still look fresh and attractive.
it is amazing how paintings can bring a bygone era to life. The beliefs and the traditions of the time and the way of life. It made me wonder how our life time will be remembered. Our generation which is known as the “twitter and facebook generation” will be remembered
And oh by the way do you think that MT has at last come of age, and its performance is now in top form?

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