Life Cycle

 One of the birthday cards I received this week had a Chinese proverb on it;

 If you want to be happy for a short time,it said; get drunk.
 Happy for a long time,fall in love;
 happy for ever,take up gardening.

Hmm, I thought sound advise but does this really work.I think it does.

There is something to be said about getting older,by the time you get to middle age,you have done most things which are allegedly meant to make you happy. When you are younger and have just discovered drink, it seems the answer to everything.Well almost! Some of the happiest and most enjoyable times are shared,over a drink and with friends.

And then you fall in life.Am sure all of you remember the first tme you fell in love,dont you? I do. The man was lot older than me,tall, dark and really handsome.He was soft spoken and had an un nerving (for me) habit of looking straight into your eyes while he spoke. I recall how my heart would just do a somersault and will almost come to a stop! I could barely get any words out. I often wonder what how our bodies abandon all sense and become slaves to the pumping hormones. Of course that relationship came to nothing, he was just being kind to a foolish teenager! But that first bout of love has stayed with me. So I was happy ,almost delirious for a short time.

When I think about it, I don’t think I have ever behaved in that silly manner,before and since.

So then now am in the third phase! Gardening I mean. Well it does make me happy.I suppose one gravitates towards the earth,the only solid place!
So why does gardening makes you happy? In my case it is the ability to watch colour emerge from the insignificant little seed or bulb. The cycle of life and how one always looks forward to and prep ear for the next season.Always optimistic, never have time to be sad. And nature is a great healer, if am upset or angry, i can go out in the garden, or go and sit in the conservatory, and I feel a lot better.

So I dare say this proverb has explained my whole life to me!

Do you agree?
And by the way do you remember the first time you thought you were in love? I do! Sigh.

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