Real Men ?

  I hear that the sale and publication of the lad`s magazines is in decline.You know the type of publications am talking about,with names like “Zoo”, Nuts”(?) and FHM. Jemima Lewis says so in the Sunday Telegraph. But the sale of the titles like “Men`s Health” is on the up. It seems these are aimed at a new breed of man known as “heteropolitan”man.


Reading further down am informed that this term applies to “One who is tired of ogling topless girls from Holllyaoks and wants an intelligent and informative read”!

I have always cringed with women`s magazines which had headlines like how to go up three bust sizes in a fortnight,or have figure like a goddess in a fortnight, and only pick them up if am in a doctor or dentist surgery and want to calm my nerves by concentrating on something else.

That men like looking at the pictures of attractive women, seemed quite a natural thing to me.Am quite surprised to learn that men now a days prefer to read about how to get “bigger arms”, “dress for your leg shape” and “get awesome abs”!
I don’t know about you but this sends a shiver down my spine. We all have heard about the female hormones in the environment,having an adverse effect on the male population,but am not really at ease with it.
Call me what you like but I have always liked the differences between the genders, and the attraction which comes from being opposite in every way.
I remember the magazine called “Men Only”, when I was growing up , my father used to subscribe to it,along with the Saturday Evening Post, and the Life International. Were as my mother used to buy “Women and Home” and some other women’s magazines in Urdu. so there was a definite gender segregation in those publications.Looking around today you find these new generation of mens magazine also publishing articles on subjects like eyebrow shaping, suitable dressing while going on a date, fertility and how to make your fragrance last longer..Pleeeeeeeeease!

It must be my age that I find this merging gender issues rather off putting. I like men to be errr.. men! I want them to be strong, flirtatious and masculine. If their magazines are anything to go by,they are adopting all our traits and I find that quite off putting and worrying.

So Gentlemen how many of you are heteropolitans? (Whatever that means).
And Ladies do you prefer your men to be doing the same things and worrying about the same issues and how many of you prefer this new male attitude?

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