This is it !

        So,that is it folks!

 My bags are packed, the flight is confirmed and am off this evening to stay in a hotel near Heathrow and I will be on my way this time tomorrow morning to Canada and and from there to Washington State where Christina lives.

 You might call me foolish, some have and naive,to go and stay with a stranger, whom I have met only once,and I can imagine her feelings might be a bit mixed,to open her house to someone she doesn’t know a great deal about.

Am afraid neither of us have any scope for changing our minds now!

If this can be called a social experiment ,then this must be the first of its kind. People have heard of affairs and romances developing on the net and some with disastrous results. But has anyone heard of two people from the opposite sides of race to get together in this way?
No neither have I.
When I first mentioned this to my children they were quite shocked, going across the world to meet a stranger, they  couldn’t quite believe it. My son kept saying that it could be some one from Al Qaieda wanting to hold me for ransom, to which my husband replied that he didn’t have that kind of money to pay ransoms and they could keep me! It became quite an amusing topic to talk about whenever we met up as a family.

Seriously though, those of you do not know much about this liaison, I shall explain that Christina has never liked immigrants, in general and Muslims in particular.She knows of my background, often her comments are quite shocking,and some people are highly offended by them. I did not do anything for her to consider me an exception. I say what I have to say,but maybe am a bit more tolerant and diplomatic, or just don’t like harsh language,where as Tina speaks her mind ,openly and forcefully.

We both are so different in everything. Why has she decided to invite me to her home, made all sorts of arrangements and has been more welcoming than my own sister has ever been? I do not know.

This site is often described as an illusion, as a place of multiple identities,ans fiction! Nothing is real am told, sometimes it is implied that there are just a few bloggers here who under various guises keep the illusion going! I somehow doubt it.
I never set out to seek friendships here, this is my first ever venture into blogging,but I have been overwhelmed by the kindness and friendship shown to me.

Does it goes someway to prove that our ethnicity,colour or social class does not matter, we are first of all human beings, and it is possible to overcome such differences and reach out to the person within?
I hope so.
I will keep you posted, I think this is the most exciting and wonderful journey I would have ever made in my life.
Take care.

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