Letter from America

Being  a believer in communication and  willing to listen to anothers point of view has always been my way of life. And it has served me well, I insisted that my children do the same, hence they were always encouraged to have exchange visits and learn foriegn languages.

I felt like an exchange student, coming to the USA to meet a fellow blogger. We were not actually a natural match! Different race, culture and ideals, so I thought, but when you sit down and exchange views honestly,surprise ! You find that there is a lot in common than not!

First of all am just bowled over by the efficiency and the courtesy of the Americans! Tina has a house in middle of the country, and they could have cable connected and a very fast broadband! Where as  we live in a county town and there is no cable anywhere near! There are various good deals to be had if you are connected to the cable. But no one is in a hurry to lay cables in this country, it suits the companies that we pay the phone company and the ISP separately, and even then then it is sloooow!

We went yesterday to see the Deception Bay! It is called such because  Vancouver,while exploring the Puget Sounds, thought the straits between the islands was merely anestuary , When he found out better by subsequent exploration ,he thought it very deceptive, so called it Deception pass! It does in fact obscure a whole chain of islands and a whole series of inland seas.

The scenery there is breathtaking. Huge Pine trees and conifers, and the water is amazingly blue and clear, like the Mediterranean sea. With shimmering sun and a calm waters it looks like a scene you would see,on the covers of books and CDs,which teach you meditation.

I have only been to the glitzy side of the States before, places like New York, and New jersey are expensive and expansive. People rushing around, loads of traffic and sky scrapers. This part of America is something I have never imagined existed. Little village, Conservative little town nearby,where the whole management is done by the Church and not bureaucrats! I was told that the Church volunteers will come and clean and tidy the front of the garden,if you it was unkempt. And if you are able bodied and just lazy then you would get a bill,but if you were elderly or disabled then they did it for free.

We went out a County  Agriculture fair yesterday. Amazing display of handicrafts, animal husbandry. Special programmes for children where they can join from an early age and learn all about looking after cattle, sheep and poultry. About growing vegetables and flowers and looking at the very high standard of entries,they have a very productive and talented young people here.

Last night we went to dinner,at a restaurant which is run by a couple who are friends of Tina and her husband. They sat at our table and we had a very enjoyable evening. They are so well informed and curious and interested to know about the country I have come from. No pre conceived ideas, and best of all they didn’t keep asking “but where is it that you actually come from”!

it is another sunny and beautiful day, today we have been invited to some friends of my host,who is a keen gardener and we are looking at that and having supper with her.

And tomorrow Tina`s gardening club mates are coming here for supper, so we could meet and talk about our hobby. I intend to learn not just abut the horticulture, but about the people too.

It is amazing how learning about others point of view,broadens your own! And am so grateful to have the chance.

Speak to you soon.







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