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Photos for you

Nuff said!

Our party.


James the giant,especially for Bubbles!

So here are the photos for all of you, hope you you approve!

Since I spoke to you last, we have been to a an organic farm. Which was started in a very small way by a family who were once upon a time Hippies. They started it for themselves and now it is hundreds of acres and a whole load of produce. From berries to vegetables they have everything, and it looks amazing. And it tasted eve more amazing,when we had a dinner cooked by all those produce, delicious.

So are Tina`s vegetables, it seems so wonderful to just pick the vegetables and cook them, I swear that I have never eaten such delicious food.

Then it was the party Tina has thrown to her gardening club members,as they put it “in

your honour”



Tina has asked me to bring a saree to wear to this do, which I did, and even then no one asked me as to where I was actually from!

So they all came and were very friendly and interesting, it seemed to me that Tina is a very succesfull and productive gardener and I can do all my learning with her,and I think am almost converted to growing vegetables which I have never done before! May be I will.

So here are the photos for you all to look at and comment. Am not clever enough to put

Deception Bay.

So here you go!


we are going to the mountains today and will publish more photos.

















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