Cultural Divides

    So am back!

  I t was a glorious holiday.Sunshine, beautiful scenery and warm and wonderful company. I now understand as to why the spiritual retreats are situated in spots of natural beauty. Washington State has it in bucket loads. The mountains and the clarity of its rivers and water falls and the valleys and forests filled with the scent of Pine trees. It is like a dream land.

Christina and I have only met once before for lunch, along with other bloggers.Apart from our common passion for gardening I had no idea if we had much else in common. She is a fearless lady who speaks her mind and am quite timid and hate upseting others.

It was a bold, and some would say a foolish move that we had decided to live together for a fortnight. I have never stayed for this length of time with anyone apart from my family, and never in a Western household. And vice verse. Tina was brave indeed to invite someone from a culture she had not much knowledge about.

But to me thaty was the point. We both were willing to listen to each other. Something which is not very common these days. When one culture complains about another discriminating against them,they rarely want to know the reason which would have made them take that course. There always are two sides to any story. Todays culture is that if anyone raises their voice about something they do not agree with they are branded racist.

Once when I said that we the settlers in this Island should be willing to make the adjustments to our way of life to fit in,I was shouted down on MT, someone said that they were born here, and why should they make adjustments. I often wonder if people who complain that they can not have their own way,ever stop and ask the locals as to how they feel about certain changes they are demanding.

My host has adopted America as her home, just as I have done with this country. She has taken pains to learn about the culture, the history and the way they do things there, so have I and neither of us have found any problems in our respective adopted lands.
Listening to each other, we were astonishingly in agreement about many things.The most important factor was that we were willing to listen to each other without having pre- conceived ideas and misgivings. If we can find out in a civilised manner about our differences then may be it will not be impossible to resolve them, but we have various commissions and bodies set up to shout discrimination, at the drop of a hat, and this has widened the gulf between different cultures,and it is getting wider.

These commissions make us believe that we are victims, and only they can protect us and save us! The truth is that we do not need saving.

If we all took the time and made the effort of hearing what the other has to say,insted of being defensive, we might make some progress.

I wonder how many of you agree with me?

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