Tina , examining the flora! She would take great pains to explain the species of  the plants.


I can now believe as to why people go away to places of natural beauty to heal their soul and feel better.

This part of the merica has got so much natural beauty and tranquility that i have found myself of thinking of nothing else but marvelling at these scenes.

We drove up the mountains last Wednesday. The road meanders through the hills, quite wide,smooth and complete with cycle lane. You would not think that anyone would want to cycle on the path which is thousands of feet above the sea level, but I could see many cyclists, clad in shiny Lycra with bodies and legs to die for, peddling furiously,and climbing steadily .

I did think of Janh and Psedunym!

Once up, it is like a scene,I have only seen in pictures and post cards. The moutains

are imposing and majestic and the greenery soothing to the eye. There are picnic areas everywhere and no litter to be seen and I was most impressed that where ever I went, my mobile had a strong signal.

I have struggled to get a decent recption or signal, even at my house. Am told there are too many trees around. And here I was,thousands of feet up, surrounded by trees and my phone showed a strong signal.The same goes for the public toilets, where you go they are spotless, there is always toilet paper available and the taps and the soap dispenser works. Where as the arrivals terminal at Heathrow gives a rather poor impression of our efficiency, with missing loo rolls, wet floors and insufficient toilets for women, resulting in long queues.

The water is naturally blue, am told that it is due to the natural minerals found in it.

Mount Baker, and the mirror Lake.

As Tina says ,this is a well kept secret. No haordes of tourists as they are not encouraged.


Am not sure if it is fair that one State should have such natural beauty, it takes your breath away.

Am a novice photographer, but the beauty was just too imposing and could not be hidden.

There are more pictures in my galllery, do have a look and I will post the pictures of our lunch and the gardens later.



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