Toyboys are they…..


   Good for you?

 I ask because this news item in today`s daily Telegraph.

 ” A 107 year old Malaysian is searching for her twenty third husband,because she fears her current partner 70 years her junior could run off with someone younger. Her husband who is 37 years old is staying in a hotel and has checked into a drugs clinic”.

I wonder if her longevity is due to her having a partner who is seventy years younger than her? I know someone who is married to someone who is the same age as her daughter. And someone who is married to a girl who is twenty five years younger than himself.

An article in the weekend magazine claimed that the divorce rate among the fifty and over age group has gone up nearly seventy percent.Could it be that they are all looking for that magic formula.which is being with a young person, and which can make your old age pleasant and fun?

Joan Collins and Michael Douglas are the celebrities who have toy boys or girl but it seems we all are at it. I presume if you are with a younger man/woman then you do more fun things. But I wonder if with that much age difference would make it quite hard work, just to keep up!

So how many of you are married to or have partners who are much younger than you? I wondered what thoughts you had on such liaisons, and is it necessary to marry someone nearer your age, so you have a lot more in common.

And more so, how many of you would like a toyboy or a toy girl!

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