My Space


 I think we all have a certain special place somewhere where we feel good. It does not have to be somewhere special or expensive, but a space where you can go and feel relaxed and re energised. Somewhere you can be alone with your thoughts and a place which just makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

 I have this ritual of taking all my indoor plants out for the summer and then bringing them back in just before the cool evenings start. In late spring when Itake them out,it prepares me mentally for the summer. Then my space becomes the garden. Just sitting there and listening to the birds and sometimes just sitting there is what keeps me sane. I find that is where I collect my thoughts, think about things and sometimes just sit with a blank mind! It helps me get back my natural balance.
When the autumn starts,my plants come in. They are arranged in the conservatory, according to their needs. The sun lovers go towards the sunny aspect and the shade loving plants are organised towards the shady end.
This prepares me for the winter. I sit there looking out in the garden as the leaves change colour and then disappear. The naked branches giving the garden a look of a pencil sketch. All grey and dark branches and the pale skies.
This is my space, first thing in the morning, I sit there with my pot of tea,with the radio on. The view outside helps me to wake up properly,and think about the day ahead.
If am home during the day,then I make short visits to it,whenever I need my equilibrium restored. In the afternoon when the sun pours through, and fights its way in through the tropical Bird of paradise, the Ginger lily and the Gardenia and the other flowering and scented plants.
I remember when I got the news that my father has suddenly died, it was to the conservatory I went. I could cry and felt that the plants were there for me.I got the strength to cope, whenever I have been distressed.
I think we all have a special place, where we can go and return refreshed.

Has everyone else has such a place? Any place where you can retreat to and find peace and solace?

It could be anywhere, it doesn’t have to have plants!

Please tell me about your space ,and if possible please share a picture of it


This is my conservatory this evening, my camera seem to have the wrong month! I did correct it but it has gone back again!

My seat ! The pink Hibiscus belongs to Tina.


The plants have benefited by being in the garden .

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