Are we too liberal?

  Do you think we are too liberal?

  When I was visiting America, a lot of people said that Britain was too soft an so liberal that all its values have been eroded.

The same charge is levelled against our society here too. It is said that we do not teach our children anything of value, we just train them to pass exam, so the schools can look good in the league tables. that we have the highest number in Europe, of un married mothers.

The other day I heard the editor of one of the women`s magazine being interviewed on the radio, who said that when questioned, 83% of young women said that the model Jordan or Katie Price was their role model!  And if that was not  enough, Sky televison`s survey said that 93% of young women want to be WAGS,( wives and girl friends of premier league footballers).

 So is it the result of us being liberal that the young girls have not been taught any values at all, that they just want to be someone who can just have loads a money?

Granted I grew up in an Eastern society,but I was not allowed to wear any make up untill I was married. Nor was I allowed to wear even a Sari, all un married girls wore the all covering trouser suit. i did not allow my daughter to wear any make up untill she was 18  years old. And I dont think it did her any harm.Am astonished to see little girls wearing backless tops,and very tiny skirts, there are even thongs available from the age of five.

I feel that being liberal has meant that we have seen un checked immigration,that there has never been a compulsion  to learn the language. And of course possesive husbands have never encouraged or allowed them to do so, as a result they have become second class citizens. Am told by various district nurses and some doctors,of the difficulty in communicating with these women.

So is this all the result of our being too liberal? Are we a soft touch or just humane, understanding and kind people

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