One good thing leads to….



the economy is on the downward slide, the days are getting shorter and the t.v. keeps showing the gloomy face of our PM, or the cunning fox like visage of the trade and industry secretory!

And to top it all there is the threat of swine flu in the air. We are threatened with a pandemic, the side effects of the vaccine and then you hear news,such as the one about the nursery teacher who was sexually abusing little children and taking pictures on her mobile phone camera.

Surely there are good things happening in the world too?

 There are reasons for us to be cheerful. Sometimes simple and ordinary things make you feel just glad to be alive.

Am sure in the course of our day, we come across something which makes us smile, thankful. happy and glad to be alive?

I was working in the garden all day, the sun was shining, the Rowan tree is full of berries, and the leaf colour is fantastic. I was planting bulbs and doing the autumn routine of trimming, planting and my thoughts were already turning to spring.

Then I saw the most beautiful, fragrant and huge blood red rose, hidden among the honeysuckle vine.

It smelt heavenly. I brought it indoors,put it in a vase,and sat in the afternoon sun by the window,sipping a cup of tea, and my cat was lying by my feet, purring.

Ah, I thought; life is worth living!

How about you, if you think of the day just gone,am sure you can think of something which gave you a lift,and made you feel better.

Please share it with us.

If each one of us can have one good thing to say, then we might feel that this world is not such a bad place.

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