Help and Advice please

   well this idea came to me, I accept rather late! I have been on this site for more than two years, and this  has just occurred to me! Well it is further proof if any needed that am a bit slow.

Any way, so I thought that this site has people from almost all corners of the world. Old young,and  with various qualifications, knowledge and experience. From architects to farmers, gardenenrs and even secret agents!

So why do we not share our knowledge for our mutual benefit? Am sure if we post our questions here someone somewhere will have an answer. After all we are  a community here, we know each other to a certain extent and despite having heated arguments with each other at times, we all are am sure willing to help each other.
With so much collective knowledge, it will be a shame not to share and benefit from it.

So if we post our comments am sure someone somewhere will have an answer.

If all of you find this useful then we can have a similar blog from time to time.

So here are mine;

I have heard of web sites where you can give away stuff free. I have couple of almost new kitchen units, Hi-Fi storage unit and a word processor with printer, room sizes rug and other stuff. all in good quality
I have contacted the local charities,they do not want it.

I did search on the net, the only site I found is run by Yahoo, and requires me to sign in with enough information to fill an MI5 criteria!

Have any of you have an experience of a web site? Are they good and please could you recommend one.

Can one put food left overs on an open compost heap without inviting vermin?

Can anyone recommend an easier and least disruptive method of changing one`s mobile phone company For a pay as you go customer

Thank you and do post your own questions.

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