Poetry to prose

       Let us part.

  Let us just kiss and part, and am glad,yes am glad that we can just break up,like this. No regrets and no pain.
   Letus just just shake hands and part like friends.At least am glad that we can move away from each other, lie friends who meet and then go their own way.
Let us cancel all our woes,let there be no bitterness or remorse left to linger in our hearts.

And if and when we meet in the future,let us not show anything,not even a raised brow. let us not show a jot of what has been, of what were our feelings.

Let not a sigh or a gasp escape from us, which might indicate that we once loved each other.

Now that our love is breathing its last gasp,and our passion is dying beside it,and faith and trust are kneeling beside to watch this demise.

Innocense is closing its eyes and all things beautiful are coming to an end.We have to let it go, who knows if we set it free,then death might do the same.
And who knows it might recover one day.

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