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It is an irony tht the other day Old tom said if I was saying good bye and I said that if I have to then I will do it in style!

Little did I know that it will be so soon.

It has suddenly become a big issue that I was and am a member of the club. I keepsaying that I joined the Telegraph Refugees when it started, posted two or three comments , like this and then never had time to do anything about it.

I have nothing against any club. If like minded people want to hang together that is their bussines. Am not much good at social chit chat via internet, I love meeting people but little posted snippets of conversations do nothing for me.

Anyway the fact that I visited Tina probably started a chain reaction, un beknown to me I was suddenly classed as being on the “other side”.

On the other hand Christina never discussed any club member or business with me, there was too much to see and learn about the country for me. Bubbles found my email when I notified people from my network of my new blog. Bubbles and I have in total exchanged about six emails so far, she talked of her children, plants and wished me a safe journey. I have never been in contact with Larry or any other members of the club ,thoroughly nice people am sure but there was no contact ever.

So here you have folks, I did not join this site to be hounded, hound others or be called a liar. And as for e being a BNP sympathiser! LOL.

I have always spoken about both sides of the argument. I did say on the phone in that BNP should be allowed to have their say , so they will stop being a martyr . and we will at least know what they have to say.

This is not a flounce, I have just felt betrayed today, accused of something am not guilty of. I may be anything but am not a hypocrite or a liar and do not wish to be labelled as such.

Those of you who have befriended and shown me kindness and good will,you all have a special place in my heart and will continue to do so.






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