Have we lost it?

A new book by Anthony Seldon says we have.

There are good reasons for doing so,years and decades of erosion of trust in the banks,t.v.programmes, the police and the MPs and the government has made us cynical and distrusting towards all of the above.

It seems it is not just us who eye everything and everyone with suspicion, the government doesn’t trust anyone either! Professionals like doctors,nurses and other public services like the police,the teachers and the social workers, they have document every action,produce reams of paper evidence to provr what they are doing. We do not trust the professionals who are charged with our care, and nor does it seems the government.Everyone is constantly monitored.This has eradicated the blind trust or informed trust.

Where and how does this start?

Is it because we tell everyone,including our children about their rights but not their responsibilities. Society measures success in monetary terms,so is it any wonder that people go to any length to gain it.
Perhaps that is why little girls want to become wives and girl friends of footballers,because they seem to have all the trappings of wealth and glamour.

We need human contact and need to trust.
I find it hard to believe that anyone can be classed as “pure evil”. I believe in human goodness.And throughout my life I have believed that people are what they  say they are. And so far have not been disappointed, harmed or cheated.
I think it will be very sad if we are bringing up a whole generation,constatly looking over their shoulder, fearing the unknown enemy and not believing anyone in authority?

What has been your experience and do you believe that we have reasons to be distrustful or is it a danger made up by our own hidden fears?

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