A thing of beauty

For most of us the summer is over and so is the gardening. But not for me,all my plants have come in now in the conservatory and tending to them goes on untill spring.

Am often asked why do I put in so much hard work, my husband gives me pitiying looks when am lugging the pots in and out and watering/feeding and dead heading them. All in all a lot of hard work.

So why do I do it?

Am probably one of those people who is quite shallow,thrives on compliments and loves to be surrounded by people.

Alas that is not possible, am quite ordinary so I merit no compliments,and being with people all the time is not possible. Sometime when I come onto these pages and see the name calling and sheer anger,I wonder if being with people is all that wonderful!

So for sitting peacfully, enjoying the perfume and the lushness and the fantastic colours, I feel whatever work I put in is worth it. It gives me months and months of peace and joy.

So here are my beauties, please share the peace.


The Christmas Cactus, is on the kitchen window now and is getting ready to flower for the festive season.

The Hibiscus has two colour flowers on one shrub. Peach and salmon pink. It shuts down for the afternoon! A siesta?

The Ginger lily has a huge flower getting ready to open. It has three colours to it and smells divine.

My pride and joy, the Sterliatzia or the Bird of Paradise is full of buds and the first flower is about to open. Against a grey sky its vibrant colours are a joy to behold.

The Gardenia,is getting ready to flower, those of you who know it, just imagine its heady perfume and the double creamy white flowers.

The Lemon tree, as you can see the fruit is almost ready for my G&T!

The Begonia Rex, the lovely hues of its silver and red add such a contrast to the rest of the greenry.

This am very proud of! I find whenever am lost or feeling down, one of the plants does someting amazing to cheer me up!

This is a lily which belonged to Christina `s late son. It came to me looking very sad. Despite doing everything through out the summer it did nothing. I brought it will never flower,and just left it alone!

And then last week, I was having a few sad days,just feeling fed up, and came down one morning to the site of this wonderful bud,which is soon to open into a flower.

Am told me that this is a rare species and the perfume is just out of this world.

Thank you, for cheering me up.

And another shot of the plant full of buds, a promise that untill the spring I will be treated to a magnificient show of colour.


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