A love letter, according to the wife of the poet William Wordsworth is, “the breathing of thy inmost heart on upon paper”.

But now the tradition of writing love letters has become a rare practice.We communicate with emails and text messages. Imagine in next hundred or so years when the historians will look at our way of life and will try to decipher our passion through the text language. I hear a texted love letter has to be in 160 characters!

So why do we write or save love letters? What should we do with them?
All of us have somewhere tucked away some letters which were once very precious to us. We have  read them so often that sometimes it is possible to remember every word which is written in them.
Maybe they are precious to us because someone has said some wonderful things about you, you see yourself from someone else`s eyes and oh the view is breath taking!

Sometimes these letters can come to haunt you too,what happens when you fall out of love. like the letters written by the late Princess of Wales to her lover James Hewett are being auctioned to the highest bidder. Much to the dismay of her surviving family.

So what is so special about love letters?

As Mary Wordsworth said it is the breathing or pouring out of your heart,putting your inner most feelings onto the paper.
I had some letters written to me by my husband before we were married. Alas they were destroyed by my then future father in law, who had the custody of my things. Something I really regret, as I have never again felt that wanted or had such compliments paid to me. Ho Hum!

So what are they for? Why do you keep them and should we keep them?

Have you got any? Where do you keep them and should you keep them and would you ind if after you are no longer around if others,especially your children?

I on the other hand have none and now am too old.

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