Race and the Media


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Panorama was once considered the flagship programme of the BBC. It has now become a half hour slot on anything, the great tradition of this programme which was research and gritty subject has been abandoned to present subjects which just create sensation.

The programme, a few weeks ago on racial hatred, in a run down estate in Bristol is one such case in point.

Am sure there are places where such things happen, and it is shocking of course. But what I found more shocking is the standard of the programme making.


The selection of the estate for one, it was a run down place and was known and acknowledged in the beginning of the programme to be known to be racist .

The people filmed who were throwing racial insults ,were known to the police, some were already on police bail and ongoing investigation.

So here we have a well known troubled place known to be racist and populated by known criminals and the programme puts, two rather  in experienced so called journalists, who if I may so looked as if they have lived a rather sheltered life.

The most irritating ting was the poor girl bursting into tears as every possible opportunity and the man had not much to say apart from looking bewildered in the camera lights! The harassment most of the time seemed more like criminal than racial to me , as she was asked to hand over her money, and was being threatened by an eleven year old boy.

There are such sink estates all over the country, where families of all colours are at their wits end. Not long ago a father was killed when he confronted a gang of youths,

There are millions of people of all colour and persuasion living in harmony everywhere else.

The problem is more general, and that of youth who are out of control, it is wrong to just make it racial and generalise it in this manner.

As the point was made, the aim was to raise money for the organisation based in Bristol, so may be  a local programme highlighting their good works would have been more appropriate, than trying to show that all people of other colours are being persecuted and are living in fear.

Is it not sad that we use all manner of tricks to fund raise sometimes? And is it morally right to use race to push any agenda?

Am disappointed to say the least.


I have been invited to an event in London this week, where the question Integration is being debated in the presence of the Justice Secretory Jack Straw, and some prominent members of all major faiths.

If am to ask ONE question to Mr Straw,what do you think it should be???





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