Every one says that these days we, and especially the young do not have respect for anyone. Young are,it is said loud and rude and think nothing of shouting abuse or calling names.

What about us the grown ups though? Are we,and do we set a good example to our young people?

let us take the politics, everyone in authority is made fun of, and not just fun we call them names. The prime minister, government officials and even the royal family are not exempt from this trend.

Some commentators like Will Self and Rod Liddle are notorious for using bad language towards the political and religious leaders, It seems there is nothing which is sacred or above not only cricism but but is open to abuse.

This am told is freedom of speech and democracy. And wonderful it is too,but are we setting a good example to our younger generations?

I was brought up in a society which may be classed as orthodox or old fashion.I was taught to respect everyone as a matter of fact. You did not answer back to your elders, you always spoke to strangers and the people you knew politely. You observed certain rules even in debate and arguments. Name calling or swearing was a complete no no. It might seem quite laughable now but I have not heard a swear word untill the age of about sixteen!
Even now I can not bring myself to be rude to any one and have never ever uteered the F word. i just can not bring myself to do it.

May be am ill equipped for the modern life, and have lived a very sheltered and protected life. May be it is right to be aggressive and abusive towards everyone. Every public figure should and can be called by quite rude names. We can address strangers in the most crude terms and not get the same back.

Was the British society always like this? Or is this the right and proper way to be free and forceful?
Am just wondering if by being rude and aggressive we are setting a good example to our younger generation, and if so why are we peturbed when they are rude and nasty to us?

Am wondering what the majority thinks?

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