Saturday Evening….

  So, it is Saturday evening, it is wet and cold outside and we are trying to pass the time,by being in front of the television.
I remember before we had children, we were so restless,we were never home on Saturday evening. Time and circumstances dictate that you settle for a quiter ife.

I was in London last Saturday,having dinner at a big gathering,staying with a friend, laughing,joking and having conversations.
So if you are given a choice, you could go anywhere,and have no expense spared, where would you rather be,and who would you like to be your companion? It can be anyone, famous,infamous,a friend or stranger and even someone from here!

And you could be anywhere,in the world or even on the moon,now that there is some water available !

 I would like to be on a terrace restaurant, with warm breeze blowing, a sky littered with stars,a glass of something red and cheerful, and people who are interesting and funny.

I will take the broadcaster John Humphries with me.Also I would love to have my son

and daughter there, they are great fun.
How about you?

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