Early Childhood

  what can you remember of your childhood? Or what are your earliest memories? some people can remember things from as early as when they were a couple of years old.

It will be interesting to collect those memories and see how life has changed, and most importantly how much we have changed?

It is supposed to be a golden era of your life and in some cases it is, I just wondered how much you remember.

I remember vividly from the age of  about   I think four years. I remember this house called “Gosha Mahal”,translated loosely it means a palace of modesty, I know it does not make much sense in English, but this modesty is attributed to the women. Gosha means a kind of veil to preserve it.

This was a vast and sprawling place. I remember that my paternal grand parents lived with us,as is the custom in the sub continent. A whole section was alloted to them. My grand father had his huge library,he collected books. His own drawing room where he received guests and his bedroom. My step grandmother lived with her elderly mother.brother and my aunts,her two daughters.

A huge tree stood in the grounds and the rooms were built almost around those. We had servants, and drivers and cooks and nannies. I remember that the vegetable seller use to come first thing in the morning with an array of freshly picked vegetables,and the butcher arrived slightly later. My grand mother supervised the buying and the menu for the day. My mother as the daughter in law would be in attendance,but will not say much!
I was really spoilt by my grand parents.

My parents rarely saw me or had much to say.But my day was structured. After breakfast the important ritual was the audience with grand father. He would give me a quick hug and carried on whatever he was doing, reading,writing or entertaining

someone. I had a special chair, a low one,easier to climb on, i would sit on it for the allocated time of half an hour. Not speaking unless spoken to,but very interested to see my grand father interact with others. Or just sit quietly and gaze out of the window at that old tree. And think of the stories about fairies and demons living on it! I can see

myself, just rocking my legs and thinking of nothing in particular, but just being there.

I wonder now if it did provide me an important lesson,to put others first,which I did by

being there for that length of time because it was the wish of my grandfather. And I became interested in people,by watching and listening to the human interaction, and by respecting others point of view. I hope so.
I wonder what your memories are, and how have they shaped you, and made you the person that you are today.








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