Winter Support

  A winters day.

 All I can see through the glass walls is thick, bluish black clouds, low and threatening,surrounding the horizon in spirals.
The Silver Birches are now bare,having shed their leaves completely in the recent gales.

The borders in the garden are now a poor reminder of a now spent summer. The Autumn Glory though still has its bronze heads, the Honeysuckle is hiding a few blooms in its foliage,protectively, like a mother trying to safeguard her child from the ailments.
Other plants have given up the ghost, and have retreated in the safety of the ground,for now. keeping their heads down,until it is time for them to come out again.
The patio looks mournful, with furniture shrouded in plastic covers. The seats where laughter and fun was shared, are now hiding under the covers.
On the whole, the world looks gloomy, and am sad that another summer of my life has departed.Now everyday day takes me near to the dark and bleak winter. Am distraught.

and then I come down one morning, and see a bit of colour peeping through your folds. And when I look, there are a few more, swollen with pride and about to burst open and show the world that winter is not just about dark and desolation.
And then this morning am treated to this spectacular sight. A double bloom,in its full glory,with white, orange and purple,colours which are not often put together.
But nature has painted you in these glorious colours,and you look so majestic and wonderful. Full of joys of living and looking at me, as if to say that it is possible to bloom and spread the joy of beauty, even if the days are short,the weather is cold,and the heater in the conservatory is broken, but it has not deterred you.
You made me feel happy, and gave me the courage to face another day.
You demand so little from me and give me so much joy, a reason for living and a reason to believe thaT you are here to cheer me up,when am lonely, lost and tearful. WhenI bemoan that my life is passing me by too quickly,you stand there and reassure me.
I can not do anything which will repay you.
I can just say


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