I have just been watching a short film on C4,in their UN-reported world.

 It was about the plight of refugees who flee the brutal regime military of Burma, only to arrive in neighbouring Malaysia, where they are treated as sub humans.

The Malaysian police and immigration has a volunteer army of vigilantes, who are called in to assist them in controlling these poor creatures.
The brutality meted out to them was painful to watch and a sad testament of man1s in humanity to its own kind.
They were flogged, imprisoned in the most appalling conditions without any hope of representation or justice. And inn some cases the immigration officers have even sold them to the human traffickers.

Their sole crime being that they were coming in to work and better themselves. Malaysia is on its way to becoming one of the richest country in the east. It has an extensive building programme, which need labour, and these migrants supply it.But despite this they are not allowed any rights. They have nowhere to live, are constantly persecuted , and their women sexually harassed and even raped.
The men are stripped and are beaten with a cane. The film showed some have scars even after four years,where the wet cane has stripped the skin on their buttocks.
And they are not even a different race or colour to them.

Some of them were living in the insect and reptile infested jungle,outside Kuala Lumpur, as they were chased out their huts and beaten if they tried to live anywhere in the city.

As someone said from Adam onwards we all are immigrants, so why do some countries treat as if they are not human.

I felt so privileged to be living in a civilised continent and country, where peoples human rights are respected. some would say that perhaps we pander to others rights a bit too much,but am so proud that this society has humanity and justice,of which we all should be justly proud.

I know people rant and rave and get very cross at times that we have too much migration, and asylum seekers, and perhaps we have, but it does give you a warm feeling that you are part of a civilised and just society. Where human  beings are treated with due dignity and humanity.

Something we should all be proud of,and justly so.

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