What are dreams for?

Am not talking about the ambitions, which we all cherish. But the sort we have no control over it. What we dream of when we are asleep?

Am not sure what to make of them, I always had strange dreams before cretin happenings in my life. Sometimes they are welcome and sometimes they cause me anguish.

Few months ago I dreamt of a colleague, we worked together in the hospital when I was nursing. She died a couple of hears ago, I attended her funeral but after that never had reason to think about her.

Sometime in August I dreamt of her, she was all dressed up, and looked very happy. Arrived in her sports car and we chatted. I forgot about it all, and then I happened to mention this to a mutual friend.

My friend looked at me in a strange way and said that that Lady’s daughter was married that week. I was very surprised, as I had no idea.

I have been dreaming of her again for a few days. She has taken me visiting a sick child and also some other people who are poor and sick.

I have no idea why, and normally I pay no attention to dreams, but in the view of the last one, concerning that lady, am a bit perturbed.

Am wondering if any of you believe or have had any experience which has led you to believe in dreams. do they have any meaning,or they just the result of our sub- concious thoughts?

Should we pay any attention to them,or they just our imagined fears and hopes? And has anyone else had any dreams which have meant anything?

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