It is true that we all travel a lot these days.
Summer holidays, winter breaks and short trips. The world is, as they say our oyster.Some chase the sun and sand and some go for the culture and some just go, like we do and just explore the place and just go with the flow.

But what impact if any,these places have on us, or what do we remember of the places we have visited. Or are we like the char-actors in the Chevy Chase movies,where they just “do”a place. A whirlwind tour, of going round the landmarks and just ticking a box. That is fine if that is what some people want to do.

For me it is savouring the place am going to, walking, and taking in the sights and the sounds ans the people. Tasting the local food and coming back with memories.

Am wonderigng what is yours?

I have some cherished memories of some of the places I have visited.Some are of sights and sounds and some of the generosity and the kindness of the strangers.

Some scenes are etched in my memory. The sapphire blue sea in Greece, when our coach rounded a corner and we suddenly came upon this vast blue vision. I have never seen a sea so blue and so beautiful before.
The first sight of the Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal. The warmth and friendliness of people in Prague and in Barcelona. The view of the Charles bridge, and the superb fish restaurant.
Istanbul, Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey and Italy I remember for the people I met there. Te orderliness of Gutenberg in Sweden and the beauty of the palaces in Vienna
And recently my visit to Washington state. Apart from the kindness and generosity of my hosts,the beauty and majesty of those mountains and the superb scenery will always remain etched in my memory.

So tell me please about the places you have visited. What impressed you.what you remember most and what has remained etched in your memory for ever?
Oh and what is it that you like doing best when on holiday?

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