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  So the Christmas and holiday season is upon us again, and with weather like this, a lot of us will rely on the television and a lot on the films shown during that period.

There are always groans when the list comes out. What suits one family,there are ten or so who hate the thought of Mary Poppins or Titanic. But I know some who can not get enough of those. A friend who loves to sit in front of the Titanic and cry buckets! Or is it oceans. And there are those who love the sound of Music and Ben Hur.

Who would be a t.v. Schedule. Must be one of the most thankless task of the year.
So let us say that you are that person and you have the task to choose the films or even commission a sequel or two!

Or a completely new production, with your choice of story, plot and actors,if you wished.

I would like to see a sequel to the film “Preety woman”. I want to know how did Julia Robert and Richard Gere got on after all that!

Christmas is a unique day. And it is celebrated in a certain manner, In other countries, for example in India,religious festivals, like Eid, Diwali and even Christmas is spent visiting relatives. Very few stay on their own. The whole essence of a religious festival is to get together, and feast. But of course television does not play such a big role.
I often wonder what did people do here before the advent of television?

it will be interesting to know.

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