Not global warming again!


The Copenhagen conference has started. Am always a bit concerned when the worlds great and the good fly to these conferences. In high powered jets and with their entourage. Burning gallons of jet fuels and then all those limousines, looking at their size, one wonders how many miles to a gallon they give.

And the president of the United States, who also is gracing the occasion this year, has probably the worlds largest entourage!

The Air force One is as big as a house and then there are the planes carrying his bullet proof car, his personal medical team and dozens of security men. So how much of a hole does this burn in the earth’s atmosphere?

No wonder that there are people who are sceptic and the world is divided between the believers and the non believers on this issue.

There are too many industries and organisations which are trying to cash in on this debate. The ordinary man and woman on the street are confused and looking for directions.

Debates like this one are a start, where all sides of the argument are debated and challenged. And where people like me come to ask awkward questions and try to see the argument from all angles.

I do wonder though as to what is the industry doing about it?  We are everyday lured into the world of advertising where televisions as big as a cinema screen, with various special features are shown. Beautiful girls pose alongside fantastic cars, where manufacturers try to outdo each other in the time of their acceleration from zero to sixty.

How many new models of such cars and televisions have come out this year, so do the manufacturers do not read the news of global warming?  Why we the general public are the only ones who should practice restraints?


The trouble with this debate is that everyone is wagging a finger at us the poor public. Even the prime minister is calling us “behind the time, anti science, flat earth climate sceptics! Ouch!

 No Sir we are just confused. As we begin to believe in one theory, another one comes along cancelling our beliefs.

We are now told that the reservoirs of gas are dwindling. And it is going to become a very expensive, as our capacity to store is diminished. We can only store  supply which would last us nine days, compared to the ability of countries like France ,which has a storage capacity of eighty days.

So why was nothing done about it by the governments of various colours, up until now? Why are we being told of these dire consequences now when the threat is imminent?

So to anyone who is listening, we are not behind the times flat earth sceptics, it is just that those who had the wisdom and the power to do something have done nothing so far. We have  had too many dire warnings, from a new ice age to the millennium bug, chicken flu, Sars and the weapons of mass destructions!

Am someone who is here to learn and to be convinced one way or another. And it looks like I have a long way to go yet!








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