When I was growing up I was told that in polite conversation, the taboo subjects were religion, money and women! My father who was educated in the West, emphasised that this was a big no no especially in the western polite society/

I grew up learning about of all things nice. And as it was norm in the Asian middle class,where girls and women were considered to made of sugar and spice and all that is nice!
i also learnt that it was rude to talk loudly,use swear words and have an argument! I must admit the latter I regret, I just detest arguments.Back away from confrontations, and would just have a quite cry than convince someone that I was right.

I have always been a coward you might say, backing away from any kind of unpleasantness, and it is too late now to change.

As far as religion goes I have always felt that belief or the lack of it is an intensely private matter.I have no problem with any religion and would never look down at or question anyone as which God they worship and why.

But religion it seems is everywhere.People debate it openly and in the pges of My Telegraph,every day there are at least two or three blogs about the subject.
And now I read that a couple were taken to the courts for discussing this issue with one of their guest. I have no intention of going into the rights or wrongs of that case. As it was dealt with in the courts, and am sure the judgement was reached after examining all the facts.

So when did the rules and the etiquette change?

What I do wonder about is that perhaps the old custom of not discussing certain subjects in polite society, was right. And I also wonder if it was a good thing for women to be different than men in their every day behaviour.

So am wondering if any of you remember when these things were not aired in public, and does any good comes of doing so?
As for my nature, I think it is now too late to change, I have convinced myself that I should just avoid situations, as they say staying out of the kitchen and all that!

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