The Big Day

So did you have a good christmas then?

And before you ask,yes thank you I had a good day too.

In India it is known as the “big day”or “bada din”. Most Christians go to the Church and then cook a feast. I remember being invited to the feast, by my fathers Christian friends.

It so happened that we ended up having the celebrations in two parts! Daughter and her husband were on call respectively boxing day and Christmas eve, so they came over to be with us the weekend before Christmas.

Since this was the first year that my new son in law was coming for the fetivities I wanted to make a fuss and make a special effort.
Try buying a fresh turkey a week before the day,it is almost impossible.All the supermarkets start getting the stock from the 22nd onwards am told.
After going around most of the local outlets, one farm shop obliged and we were able to get a fresh bronze on the Friday the 18th.
I tried a new recipe, turkey with pomegranate and spiced nuts, with all the trimmings and home made cranberry relish,  it all turned out to be rather good,I was told!

We were due to join son and his family on the boxing day,so it meant Christmas day on our own.This was the first time since we have had children that the house was empty on Christmas morning.

I think husband was quite glad of the peace and quite and settled down by the fire with the t.v. remote control,but i felt like a lost soul.There was no one to open the presents with among shrieks of laughter and no raids on the biscuit tins and other goodies.
I did have a friend and a neighbour for lunch,which was not traditional,but an Indian meal, which they had requested. And then we travelled to Cambridge on boxing day and met up with our son and his family,and got back yesterday.
So how was your Christmas? and did any of you not had your family with you? And I wonder if any of you have felt lost,the first time your children were absent?

I expect some of you might have celebrated the day o the beach,in the warm sunshine or in a local style of the country you are in.
It will be nice to compare notes.
So how was your Christmas then?

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