A Mixed Decade

 Well another year bites the dust.

 It is a funny feeling on the last day of the departing year. You regret losing another twelve months of yur life.
You are happy to see it go sometimes if it has been trying for one reason or another, and you enter the next one with dreams and ambitions.

This time though we are leaving a whole decade behind. It seems it was only a few months ago when we were expecting the arrival of the year 2000.
There were predictions of doom, of millennium bugs and of the world coming to an end. The year 2000 began among doubts and fears which turned out to be unfounded.

When the decade began, one never thinks as to how it will turn out to be. There have been some great joys in my life and sadness in the last ten years.

 Our daughter graduated from medical school, and our son met the girl of his dream and settled down.I have had weddings and funerals, I have lost my father in law and both my parents,and my sister has chosen to cut all ties with me. That is of course her perogative,but it would have been nice to be told as to what my crime was!

I won a writing competetion in 2003 with the daily Telegraph,which gave me the notion that I could write. And I took the decision to go and do a diploma in journalism.Of course getting very good grades is one thing but writing somewhere where others can read you is another.

I had that oppurtunity when MT started, and all of you took time to read my ramblings and even encouraged me with your kind comments, thank you.

I have also met some super people here, I would not have had the oppurtunity to do so otherwise. I have met quite a few of you, some have been to visit me,and I have visited some. Most memorable was my trip to Canada and Washington State. Christina and her husband were the most gracious of hosts,and I saw places of incredible beauty,which I would not have not done so otherwise.

So this decade has been a very mixed bag and has provided both tears and joy,which I suppose is what is life is all about.

How was it for you?

A very happy New Year to you all.

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