The world keeps is changing as it should, but one can not help indulging in nostalgia and wonder if the change is always good, sometimes it is necessary, but is it good?

Am not sure, when I look at the anger people have towards other religions and cultures, I wonder if it is due to change in thinking or is there something else at work. Is it because now media and the politicians use differences to their own advantage?

India is a country of many different caste and sects. But the majority belongs to the two main religions. Hinduism and Islam. When I was growing up they used to live with each other with ease. The clashes which happen now in that country were just not that common as they are now.
I remember that during the Hindu festival of Diwali, it is customary for the bussiness people to worship the goddess of wealth Lakshmi.As my parents had loads of friends who belong to that religion, they will come over with huge trays full of sweets, all colourful, sweets made with real creamy milk and saffron and nuts,in various shapes and sizes.The trays will be covered with beautiful embroidered cloth and when placed on the table, the cloth will be removed and a little eartenware lamp will be lit.Its wick submerged in pure butter.
The sweets and the money will be distributed among our servants and their families and we will keep a nominal portion of them. This used to go on for about seven days, or untill I could not look at another sweet!

The reverse happened during Muslim festivals, and during Christmas, the Christian friends came. Boxing day my parents used to give a dinner party for their Christian friends, We had a huge feast, my parents loved to party,they just needed an excuse! And religious festivals were a very good one.

Hindus,Parsis, Christians made a great fuss of us during the Muslim festivals. So we grew up knowing a bit about and to respect an others religion and culture.

But now I hear of nothing but riots, bloodshed and hatered. So why is it,do the various political parties want to divide and rule,or has our thinking changed?
Do we now only value human life and values if they are similar to ours,so is this a necessory change,or is it something which has been imposed on us by those who want to be in power.
I wonder if am being nostalgic or you all remember a time when people just got on with each other?                     

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